Welcome to Project Manager home page

SourceForge Logo I will put the site soon, but for now just few info. I started working on this few days ago, when i need something like CVS for ReBB, and CVS was too hard for me and my delopers.
Project Manager add you power of CVS in easy web interface. It has many great feautures, so wait a little and you will see it.

Here is some info about project:

Project Manager is a PHP emulation of CVS. Project Manager have two parts - private ynd public. In public part, you can add current relases, history of project, relases dates, make a "help wanted" jobs, submit public tasks for people that have time, but donot want to join your dev team. Also people can see you project info, list of currently employed devs, etc. Developers can change personal info, post new code, send messages to all or to some of devs, receive messages, take tasks,etc So, if you are a admin of some big project, and you or your devs donot like CVS, you must have something like this!

> Go to project homepage on SourceForge.net.